Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Private Hell

As opposed to Corporal Punishment.

So one of the reasons for the deterioration at Walter Reed may have to do with the fact that the running of the place was turned over to private enterprise. Interestingly, to a fella with ties to Halliburton.

shock and surprise...


Anyway, so the number of trained personnel has dropped from 300 to around 60. And yet, the cost of running the place has probably gone up! Since private usually costs more than public (all Repugnican stories to the contrary), especially when it's one of those no-bid contracts, which I suspect it might be.

Innuendo, out the other, I know, but I can't help myself today, I'm giddy with delight, as the Libby verdict came back Four out of Five charges that he's GUILTY! Now, then...

Deceiving a grand jury, lying to FBI agents, perjury, and perjury. 25 years and a million bucks in fines. If the verdict is upheld, he's going to prison for sure. Hopefully one of those maximum-security, pound-you-in-the-a** prisons.

Naw, he'll go to Allenwood, or something dull like that. Conjugal visits (maybe even from Dick C.), food from outside, yadda-yadda-yadda. Jeez, they read the verdict, Guilty as hell on four counts, they fingerprint him and send him on his merry way, ROR. Seems a shame all those medical marijuana people having to go to prison for doing something that's supposedly legal in their state, but not legal at the Federal level. Are you confused? I sure am.

Meanwhile, at the House of Repressives, hearings continue on "Why Walter Reed Sucks." All the army folks who are at these hearings will give them a hundred or more reasons why they're not happy with the way things are. Rats, mice, cockroaches, mold, holes in the walls, in the ceilings, peeling wallpaper, bureaucratic incompetence, indifference, misdiagnoses, correct diagnoses with inappropriate treatment, easy access to alcohol and painkillers...

Doesn't pay to go out and shoot your fellow man anymore. And please, no one give me the "defending our freedoms" crap. These guys and gals are fighting in our name, but they're fighting the wrong war (mostly). I am talking about those who've come back from Iraq, not Afghanistan. The Afghan war makes a certain amount of sense, though we are gradually losing that one as well. The Iraq war is essentially swirling the bowl, and Bush & Friends are behaving as if it's whitewater rafting. Redeploy to Kuwait before it's too late, ya hicks!

Either way, no matter what war these kids are fighting in, if they've been wounded, physically or mentally, they deserve the best treatment we can give them. As usual, we look for ways to do the aftercare on the cheap. Plenty of money for recruitment, not enough for training or armor, LOTSA BOMBS!!!! and then oops back to McDonalds' Hospital for fast food health care that won't hurt your wallet.


E. Timor - 1975 The Indonesian government under General Suharto, who was part of the coup that overthrew Sukarno and killed all those Commies, decided that E. Timor was becoming a Communist country. E. Timor had only recently gone from being a Portuguese colony, and had foolishly accepted help from the People's Republic of China. So we, along with the Australians, helped the Indonesian government invade and occupy E Timor. They finally regained their independence in 2000, after the deaths of around 200,000 people, and thirty years of guerilla warfare. Kissinger and Ford both let this happen, and Jimmy Carter did little to change it back.

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