Monday, June 6, 2011

God Called - He Wants His Campaign Back!

My Dad, a long time ago, had an idea for an anti-war movie, wherein everyone who wanted to work for the government sort of volunteered, and if they decided to have a war with someone, only the folks who were at the highest level of government (Congress, the President and his Cabinet) would suffer or die, and it would be a totally random event within a few minutes of the war being declared. One guy would get a fast acting poison injected and die, another would lose the use of an arm, an eye, or both legs, another would catch some horrible, non-communicative disease that would ruin his/her life forever, but no one - not one of them - would escape totally unscathed. All would end up psychologically scarred in some way, either through drugs or via some physical effect.

Unlike now.

Called, by God!

Michelle Bachmann has become the latest Repugnican to be "called by God" to run for President. So she's exploring the possibilities and praying a lot and putting up a Facebook page (God told her to put up a Facebook page?). God apparently also called Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich ("Oh God, You Devil"?), and now (try not to laugh too hard), Rick Santorum. I'm wondering if God's going to be calling Sarah Palin anytime soon.

I guess my question under these circumstances: who does God actually favor? Jesus was supposedly His son, and look what happened to him...

Now we elect folks who run on a "no unnecessary wars" platform, who start unnecessary wars, and fail to end wars they pledged to end. I'm certainly not Obama's biggest fan, but I am loathe to vote for someone on the opposing ticket, no matter who they are. I do love the fact that folks are handing them Bibles and/or asking them about whether Jesus would let old people die in agony or let poor people starve to death. In some ways, I am thrilled that the GOP is putting up so many people who believe in the beyond-free-market policies of Ayn Rand. While this represents only the second-most extreme version of conservative thought (you know Hitler's in Hell, still shouting "Wir sind die Nummer eins!*"), it's just beyond the pale enough for the generally misinformed and mildly dim voting blocks in this country to sit up and take notice that maybe these wackos either aren't playing with a full deck, or they really don't care about other people.

Or both.

In the case of Michelle, there are so many quotes attributable to her, I won't waste your time listing them all. She rails against the Bush administration for their Socialist-y education program, or the Obama administration for their Socialist-y Health Care Reform law, or Planned Parenthood for ignoring human trafficking.

Wait, what?

Dunno. I've looked on her website for the link to Live Action (which is the group she says claims to have irrefutable evidence), but couldn't find it. My personal favorite thing, said about her by the guy who runs PolitiFact, is that she's the only person on their website who has had every single quote attributed to her refuted in one way or another. In other words, "How to be Wrong About Everything" will be the title of her unauthorized autobiography.

Sarah's On The Bus

In other parts of our great land, Sarah Palin is riding around in a bus festooned with an image of the flag, the Constitution, and other patriotic symbols, telling everyone that she isn't sure God wants her to run for Pres. Or giving everyone highly misguided history lectures. Faux News has now made yet another mistake by their graphics department regarding whether they can tell the difference between Sarah Palin and Tina Fey (they can't). Oh, and the Devine Sarah is in a move called (really not kidding here) "The Undefeated". Not "The Quitter", not "The Clothes Horse" - "The Undefeated". Which fits, of course.

This irony meter only goes up to eleven.

*  We're Number One!