Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cheney vs Cheney

I want to use the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of reference for the things Dick Cheney is saying these days, but as he's both Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde, there isn't an individual that even comes close.


Back in the early days of the Cheney Vice-presidency, he told us that he couldn't give us all the names of the folks he had on his Energy Task Force. "Executive Privilege." oooookay.

So we don't know if anyone from Greenpeace was there (unlikely), but we're pretty sure "Kenny-Boy" Lay was probably invited.

And now that the National Archive has come calling to determine what and how Cheney's office classifies, he's saying he doesn't have to give up anything, as (by virtue of the fact that he's also President of the Senate), his office is in the Legislative Branch of government, not the Executive.

Rahm Emmanuel has said, Well fine, if he's only part of the leigslative branch, then we're not funding his office under the Executive Branch anymore, and he's going to have to start laying off all those people whose names he won't give us.

Oh, yeah, that's another little anomaly: Cheney won't tell anyone who works for him at all. I guess we only find out about them if they get indicted for lying to the FBI. Or maybe if he shoots them in the face, and they're forced to apologise for putting Cheney and his family through the awful ordeal.

Tony Snow refers to the de-funding as "Playing Politics." I have news for Mr. Snow - politics is money. And Cheney started this little game when he claimed Executive Privilege with one breath and the opposite with the next. It's fine if you want to claim insanity, Sybill, but don't act all surprised if we take you at your word - and have you committed.

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