Thursday, June 28, 2007


Dear King George the W:

Stop talking.

Just stop f**king talking.

No one wants to listen to you mangle the English language any more. Adding "er"s to words does not make new words, it just makes you sound really really stupid, and it embarrasses the rest of us, your loyal (comatose) subjects.



Decider (actually, this is a word - it just sounds kinda dumb)

I mean --- come ON...

And the whole bringing peace to Afghanistan and Iraq thing? When would that be happening? Why would you even think of saying that with a straight face to a Mosque fulla Muslims?!?


In other news, Patrick Leahy's committee has issued subpoenas to pretty much everyone in the Executive Branch, the Justice Department, and the NSA concerning documents relating to the warrantless wiretapping of, well, everyone else.


This is the miracle stain-remover that VeeP Cheney has been trying to get the morality bleached outta his underpants for the last five years, only now the mean old Senate ain't buying. Cheney didn't think the Senate had any right to Nixon's tapes, either. Unfortunately, the Supes back then aren't the same Supes now, and Scalia is likely to say, well, Executive Privilege does apply in this case, as we're at war. Secrets are important to be kept from the American public. Like whether the White House was wiretapping protest groups or commies or subversives like that there. That's a secret.

More interesting news - thanks to the Stephanie Miller Show (AM1090 in the Seattle area), we now know the names of some of the new Army operations occurring in Iraq at the moment. And they're funny without meaning to be. Like Operation Commando Eagle.

As the SM show says, so this is an eagle without underpants?

My other favorite - Operation Arrowhead Ripper.

(cue loud heavy metal music)

Silly little boys, making up names for their green army men games.

Actually, the last one makes a certain amount of sense. There is a character in Stanley Kubrick's "Doctor Strangelove: Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb" (yes, that's really the full title of that movie): General Jack D. Ripper, who sends his entire Air Force bomber wing to attack their Soviet targets in order to "preserve our precious bodily fluids."

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