Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spending more time with his WHAT?!?

Rove Resigns. And there was much rejoicing (all apologies to Monty Python).

Karl Rove, "turd blossom" to George W Bush (and who wouldn't want to be called that by the president?), has finally decide it's time to spend more time with his wife and son (who no longer lives at home). I guess he's going to be spending a lot of time driving between home and his son's college.

Do I care about this? no...

Rove will then be free to be indicted, subpoenaed, annoyed - maybe (if we're lucky) rendered.

All Repugnican stories to the contrary, Rove has been one of the most divisive figures in public office since Richard Nixon. Only difference was, Nixon resigned and was pardoned. If we're lucky, after Rove is back in Texas, he won't be able to provide political cover for his boss anymore. Bush's Brain leaves town? Unthunkable! What will the nukular president do? Rove was the politician's politician. For him, the purpose of political office was to stay in office. Governance was an annoyance, something you did to make it look like you were doing something with the public's money.

Meanwhile, privatize Social Security, Medicare, Veteran's Health, Edumacation, road-building and repair, and half the military.

Karl Rove, and by extension, the Shrub, were not concerned with the government doing anything beyond fighting wars. To Rove the purpose of being in politics had nothing to do with leadership, and everything to do with winning. Winning was all, even to the point of gaming the system. Smearing your opponent was a small fraction of the total effort. It was also important to make sure the fewest number of your opponent's likely voting block made it to the polls. Thus, the US Attorney's scandal was born.

Voter Fraud, the greatest lie of this, the Leastest Generation, is something cooked up by Repugnican operatives to ensure that people of color do not vote. Also helps to keep out those pesky liberal college students. People who read a lot tend to vote democratic. People who watch TV and listen to Rush Limbaugh tend to vote for anything vaguely resembling a patriot, even if the patriot wears a Hitler moustache. "Patriots" by the way, are people who believe that Amurika is the bestest country ever, we do nothing wrong, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a liberal pinko commie surrender-monkey illegal-immigrant-loving terrorist-coddling SOB that should be rendered and then dropped into a country where such awful behaviors would be tolerated.

Like Chechnya, Massachusetts, or maybe Portland, Oregon.

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