Friday, October 12, 2007

mAnn Coulter = Perfect Jew

And so it goes.

mAnn Coulter has now claimed that Jews just need to be "perfected" in order to achieve Christianity. Or that Christians are Jews who have been perfected from being Jewish.

I wish I was kidding, but it's true. And I think s/he's bats**t crazy.

I recognize where s/he's coming from. Being an atheist, I have done a little study into the world's religions (know thine enemy - the reason I also own a Barney CD), and what I get from reading the Old Testament vs. the New Testament is that the Talmud is essentially the Old Testament with some translation issues. The New was added when Jesus Christ came along, said he was the Messiah, son of God, etc., and enough people believed him enough to write about it.

Thus was born the modern, Blue Jeans Bible.

However, Msr. Coulter can't sell books unless s/he annoys a huge number of people, so s/he says something truly heinous, lots of right-wing wackos come to herm defense, and book sales go up because people want to see what other awful things s/he has to say.

Only this time, the right-wing wackos have decided s/he's finally gone one step too far.

Scarborough has said he thinks s/he needs to re-read the New Testament. Donny Deutsch (the person s/he was being interviewed by when these awful words came out of herm mouth) has said enough, never gonna talk to herm again. And the Today Show (in the person of Meredith Viera) said maybe we shouldn't invite herm to our show anymore either.

Children, the tides have turned, and they're gonna bury that wo/man into obscurity.

Oh, shoot. The FOX network still probably loves herm.

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