Monday, October 8, 2007

Too... many... jokes.......

Not sure how much more of this I can do. There comes a point at which the brain starts just doing the whole "boojie-boojie-boojie" thing, and coherent thought loses.

Larry "wide stance" Craig has decided to finish his term. Fair enough. He wants to be in the Senate to fight the ethics probe of him, regarding his unlawful sexual conduct at a men's room at Minneapolis airport, fine. Be in the senate. Get kicked out anyway.

Cause you're a yucky homo!!!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The security contract firm, Blackwater, is being investigated by the FBI for the shooting of a number of Iraqi civilians, who were either terrorists (if you listen to Blackwater), or innocent bystanders (if you believe the Iraqis). The FBI is going to Baghdad. Their security detail? Blackwater. Shades of that new movie, The Kingdom, but without all the kicking ass and whupping the bad terrorist people. Only this time, it's an American firm that's going around indiscriminately killing the dark brown people, rather than the dark brown people indiscriminately killing the good white folks.

In other good news, mAnn Coulter is using the phrase "Camel Jockeys" in polite conversation, and in her new book, "Why Liberals Still Suck Ass." Or something like that. And then complains (when called on it), that it's sure changed since we called them Nips and Krauts. Apparently, she's forgotten that we are not at war with every Arab/Persian/Kurd/Turk in the world.

Yes, mAnn, the world has changed. People have tried to become more tolerant of their fellow men,women, and transsexuals. Just like using the "N" word in Harlem will likely get you a beat down if you're white, calling a Chinese person a Chink will also get you a similar beat down in Chinatown. And calling an Arab (or other dark-hued Muslims from the middle east - or Brooklyn) a camel jockey would and should get you the beating you deserve.

Because apparently words aren't working anymore. People still buy your heinous books, pay for your heinous personality to appear on talk shows, and allow your heinous Op-Ed pieces to continue to appear in too many newspapers. While I accept free speech, even the right of persons to lie to my face, I want to help your career to take a downturn. I want you to die a poor person.

Maybe a little humility would make you a better person, mAnn. Wealth sure hasn't helped.

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