Thursday, February 21, 2008


Many thanks to our great democracy for allowing me to go out and have my mug stared at by other potential voters. This lets me know that people will do anything, overcome any obstacle, to vote.

Here in the great Pacific Northwest, we had a lot of Obama supporters and a few very perturbed-looking Hillary supporters. It was interesting to me how some of the Hillary supporters actually appeared angry with the rest of us - like, "How can you people be so stoopid?!" They didn't say it to our faces of course - that wouldn't be polite. But they also didn't argue their candidate's viability.

Which, of course, is just ever so persuasive. The not arguing part, I mean.

If you believe in your candidate, for God's sake say something. Don't just sit there and look at the rest of us like we're nuts. Maybe we are nuts, but ya know, be something other than condescending. We keep hearing from our fellow Democrats and a lot of Republicans that us Obama supporters are, you know, "cult-like." I suppose we are: it's such a change to listen to a politican that doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, that makes you think, "what can I do to help?".

So here it is, Obama with ten wins in a row, with Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania ahead. And Hillary is planning on going negative.

I love that: planning on going negative.

While I won't rehash everything all of her various surrogates have been saying about Mr. Obama, I will say that, for as far as his star has risen, hers has fallen further. It's depressing to watch. She has the potential to be an excellent president, as much as Mr. Obama does. She's right, she has more experience in Washington politics and how to get things done than he probably has. But she's sacrificing herself on the altar of political expediency, from some deep need to win at all costs.

Caucussing was amusing, though. the poor precinct captain was beside himself with fear - too many people! Something like eighty-five people in our precinct when the normal turnout would have been thirty-five. The whole district was jam-packed into a tiny middle-school auditorium, where no one can hear you think. "Use your number 2 voice indoors." I wish they had.

Now with Obama appearing to have an unstoppable momentum, growing with every victory (3-1 in Hawaii!), we may yet have a black president in the White House.

And not one damn minute too soon.

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