Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy of Friends

Hillary is now making nice-nice with Richard Mellon Scaife?!? So that she can criticize Obama in big public forum?!?

Why am I surprised!?

Okay, I'm not. And if no one remembers, Scaife was behind a lot of the bad publicity (AKA the Arkansas Project) that Bill Clinton got when he was being persecuted for having an affair while in the White House (thcandalous!). Scaife has deep pockets, and his own little vanity press newspaper, the Pittsburgh Star-Review. Even better, Clinton's negative comments re: Rev. Wright were given at an editorial board meeting at the PSR with Scaife sitting next to her.

So, far from distancing herself from her enemies, she has made friends with them (and let's not go into Rupert Murdich throwing her a fundraiser for her first senatorial bid).

Now, in politics, one should not be surprised by this sort of thing. Unless of course, the politician has ethics.

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