Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rachel Ray - the Unknown Jihadi

Wow. I finally got to write that headline.

Yes, folks, if you read/watch Michelle Malkin (a notable right-wing wacko/Fox News pundit - two great tastes that taste better together), you would know that Rachel Ray unknowingly lent her support to Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda and the PLO by appearing in an ad for Dunkin Donuts.

Yes, you read that right - Rachel Ray, al Qaeda, Dunkin Donuts.


Ms. Ray wore a black and white checkered scarf that bears a mild resemblance to the scarves you'd see on Yasser Arafat (and about 500 million other muslims), known as the keffiyah. In other words, terrorists wear them because they are muslim and not because they are terrorists.

Then again, making sure that we see the surface rather than getting any deeper, Ms. Malkin specializes in ruffling people's feathers by saying ridiculously outrageous BS in the name of giving us the NEWS, or whatever it is she spews forth. In the past, she has written a book favoring internment of all muslims (by analogizing that the internment of all Japanese folks from the west coast during WWII was also justified) on the off-chance that some of them might be terrorists, or harbor terrorist sympathies, or look like terrorists, or look like a terrorist she saw on 24.

The funny part? Dunkin Donuts pulled the ad.

Being a white racist myself (and thus voting for an African-American candidate to assuage my liberal guilt), I abhor racism in any form, but I'm not sure if this qualifies. Obviously, Rachel Ray is not a muslim. In fact, her greatest crime is her preternaturally annoying & artificial perkiness, which is so extreme, I think if I met her I might try to push her eyes out through her ears. "STOP SMILING LIKE THAT!" On the other hand, if we want to get racial, Ms. Malkin seems to have it in for anyone who's not white or at least a card-carrying conformist. Non-Republican in other words. She's Filipino. And changed her name to sound whiter.

Sorry, ran off the rails.

It is a not-too subtle form of racism to associate a particular piece of clothing with a particular race or attitude. For example, some people still use their red gingham checkered tablecloths at Christmas time, unknowingly supporting the Khmer Rouge. If we start labeling people by a scarf, can we label them by their shoes? Does Ms. Malkin ever wear f**k-me pumps? If so, what does that make her? A slut? A supporter of prostitutes? Or just a garden variety shoe fetishist?

Or does that make her (like the scarf makes Rachel Ray) someone who liked the look of something, and decided to wear it?

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