Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Impeachy Keen!

Dennis Kucinich has offered both a written and verbal offering of impeachment (not really the right phrase, but it's more fun to say), and it's the old tree-falling-in-a-forest moment for that good old "liberal media."


MSNBC and Keith Olbermann are the only ones to report on this. Apparently, CNN has finally posted a summary of his statements. He spoke for five hours straight on the floor of the House Monday night, and the mainstream media (mostly) ignored the story. The GOP leadership forced a reading of the entire document, in order to prove how much the Democrats are wasting the time of the House, but instead they got a categorical list of everything the President has done for the last 7 years in defiance of the law and the Constitution.

As a privileged resolution, it will need to go to committee pretty much right away, however that's where his "Impeach Cheney" resolution went as well, and it's still there, doing nothing. The difference this time is that Scott McLellan is testifying before the Judiciary Committee next week, which is where the articles went. If we're lucky, good old John Conyers will connect the dots, and perhaps persuade Ms. Pelosi to put impeachment back on the table.

If we don't hold hearings, we get no evidence. If we can't appoint a special prosecutor, we get no grand jury evidence. I seriously doubt Michael ("Mr. Independant") Mukasey will bother appointing a prosecutor, since he won't even enforce a legal subpoena from the Judiciary Committee.

If we don't hold hearings, our party has no spine. Color me surprised.

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