Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Day, Another Republican Twit

Don't forget, 9/11 was Clinton's Fault. A moron wearing a Republican brain has put up several large billboards with a picture of the burning towers, a waving flag (of course!), and the slogan, "Please Don't Vote For A Democrat." Go to the article to get their web address, and then spam the crap out of them.


CNN sort of gives Clinton the benefit of the doubt, but none of this article brings up the salient points that Richard Clark tried to get Condoleeza, George, Dick, etc. into a room to discuss terrorist activities, and to warn them that a "big one" was coming. They had their first meeting a week before the attacks occurred. Our Anointed One, Attorney General (now former) John Ashcroft said he didn't want to hear Osama bin Laden's name mentioned anymore. He de-funded terrorist investigations on September 10th. George W. Bush, the Current Occupant of the White House, received warnings in early August that a massive strike was imminent. To quote his response to the representative of the intelligence service that dropped off the PDB (Presidential Daily Brief), "You've covered your ass. You can go."

There are two possibilities here: George W Bush and his cronies knew an attack was coming, but discounted it's ferocity; or, they knew an attack was coming and let it happen, in order to shock the public into meekly going along with whatever screwy ideas they wanted to push onto us. The PATRIOT Act, anyone? Privatizing Social Security? Invading Iraq? I could go on...

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