Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain/Palin is in deep trouble.

Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention (and everyone else on the planet not hiding in their broom closet, quivering in fear of the latest liberal onslaught) was a barn-burning chunk of rhetoric with plenty of substance and plenty of steel. He promised a lot of stuff, and apparently has the actual numbers hiding somewhere in the recesses of his organization to back 'em up. Education, new jobs, new technologies, better infrastructure, lower taxes (but not for everyone, just mostly the working poor and middle class) - the list goes on.

And while I was emotionally sandbagged by the whole thing (not breathing as he was finishing his speech was a good indication of just how involved I got), I look back on the speech - and I still can't find a damn thing wrong with it.

If he can manage to do half what he's promised, folks will look back at the Bush occupation of the White House as some kind of dark nightmare that the country managed to wake from. If he can't, the country is bound for hell, and we only have ourselves to thank for it.

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Even Pat Buchanan acknowledged Obama's speech as one of the greatest in the last half century.

Palin won't be able to overcome that, or even walk into the same ball park.