Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yes, the polls are in - Obama and McCain are now in a dead heat, thanks to that plucky maverick, Sarah Palin. As well as the Repugs repeating the constant refrain that the Democrats will "raise your taxes, raise your taxes, RAISE YOUR TAXES."


>>sound of running away<<

Ms. Anti-Pork has worked to ensure that her state receives the most piggy per person of any state in the union. She continues to trumpet her refusal of that Bridge to Nowhere, but forgets that she got all cranky at first when that rude epithet was first used on one of her pet projects, the, ummm.... Bridge to Nowhere. So, OK, she decided to junk the project while (oh, yeah) keeping the money anyway.

I'd like to try that with my overlords. No, I don't want to go build that apartment building, house, skyscraper, etc., after all - but gimme the money for it. I'm sure I will find something to do with the dough.

Like, for example, charging the state for per diem travel expenses while staying home. Or paying the kids' expenses for "state business." Still waiting to hear what a 4-month old with Down Syndrome can do for the state of Alaska. Other than look really really cute.

So here's the thing - I don't think it's right to try and figure out how her daughter had a child out of wedlock or whether Sarah had an affair, or if her Church is kinda kooky (and it really really is). All I care about is whether she plans on legislating how the rest of us behave based on her biblical outlook. I'd much rather we had the option of doing as she does/did, rather than doing what she says.

And her defenders - how many people can the TV news pundit machine line up to say how wonderful she is? And how many will say what a straight-shootermaverickhonestplain-spokenfamilyvalueshockeymom thing she is? And with a straight face, too...

Anyone planning on voting for the McCain/Palin ticket? If you are, let me know where to send the bill in 2012. I've been trying to get reimbursed for the last eight to no avail, and since the Repugs want to crack down on "rogue trial lawyers," pretty soon, there'll be no one to serve the writs I'm writing.

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