Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bi-Partisan or Bi-Polar?

The Republican members of Congress have a message from President Obama: in the spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation,


Other than that, can we buy you a drink?

So, Obama gave out more tax cuts than he really wanted to, in order to get the Repugnicans to join with their brothers and sisters in the House and vote for the new stimulus bill. Repugnicans, behaving in a way we (living in the real world) have come to expect, basically told him to go stuff himself, because they weren't going to blow all that money on government pork.


We can stuff money up the backside of countless large banking firms so they can purchase other banks and pay their executives ludicrously large bonuses (for putting their clients' money to sleep forever) and we can't find out even who got how much, and they're complaining about a little money for infrastructure spending?

Obama also pulled out a provision for $200 million for family planning for poor people (because, you know, that just means abortions abortions abortions in Repugnican code-slang), even though the CBO says it will save at least that much in Medicaid payments over the next couple of years.

So, President Obama, you keep compromising, and the Repugnicans will keep laughing in your face. They did it to Bill Clinton, and they'll do it to you.

I'm experimenting with a new segment (which may morph into it's own blog) called FreepWatch, wherein I shall seek out the most bizarro headlines on the Free Republic website and comment. Remember, Freepers are the ones that Repugs tend to listen to, no matter how foolish.

FreepWatch - January 29th 2009

Obama - President Forever?
The headline reads: Constitutional Amendment to Make Obama Eligible to be President Forever. If it's accurate, Jose Serrano (D, NY) has proposed repealing the two term limit for the Presidency. However, it could have meant that we could get Bush forever, or Reagan forever, or (insert name here) forever. Obama can veto the bill (and I suspect he would). One of the sort of things that the right likes to flip out over, yet something very small.

As several folks mentioned in the comments spew, this has been proposed almost every year since 1992. No one's biting. Also, I believe we can always vote someone out of office in between terms. Roosevelt was voted into office three times - he didn't sit in the White House after the end of his first or second terms saying, "sorry, not budging."

Global Warming A Hoax
It's cold in DC, so global warming is a hoax. Never mind that if the North Polar Ice Cap melts, the resulting loss of ocean currents will invariably create colder temperatures in Europe (a "mini Ice Age" has been predicted), and bizarre local weather patterns will happen. Global warming does not mean that suddenly New York City will become a desert. It does mean that low-lying areas will flood, that deserts may become more inhospitable, and that trees will no longer attain their full height, thus accelerating the progress of global warming.

And there are very few scientists that do not accept the theory of global warming, many of them funded by oil and coal companies

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