Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rush to the Cliff

Rush Limbaugh has no testicles.

(one now wonders how many Google hits I'll get for that line)

Seriously, though, I think it's high time we discussed Rush Limbaugh's manhood, or lack thereof. Since apparently, if someone criticizes him for saying stupid, bigoted and/or blatantly false things (which he does on a not-unfrequent basis), that person is another person who Hates America, is not Manly Enough to Debate Him on the Air, is a Terrorist, or is a FemiNazi (a word apparently coined by Professor Tom Hazlett of George Mason University).

In the past week or so, many Republican politicians have taken Rush to task over his statement that he would like to see Obama and all his policies fail. Rush then takes the politicians to task over the airwaves, and many of those politicians have fallen over themselves to apologize to Rush and his legion of dittohead fans. Gov. Michael Steele, the newish token dark face of the Republican National Committee, apologized not more than three hours after Rush called him out on his criticisms of the great Limbaugh. 

Steele, by the way, is not to be confused by the other newish token dark face of the Republicans, Gov. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal.

Am I a racist? Probably. But only against idiot Republicans that think if you put a dark face on a bad idea, that somehow makes it better.

Anyway, back to the testicularly-challenged Rush. This is a man who regularly states falsehood as fact, and bigotry as good-old-fashioned American values. He is the first radio personality to play that cute little ditty, "Barack the Magic Negro." This is the man who, at three hundred pounds, yells for everyone else to show some self-control. This is the drug addict who wants other drug addicts to go to prison forever (though not himself, of course). He does not have the huevos to actually debate anyone in the real public, but has no problem shutting down anyone who calls into his show with a differing opinion. He has occasionally visited the real world of other TV shows and had his yam-sack handed to him on a paper plate most of the time.

(the famous instance of his appearance on David Letterman, when Dave asked him, "Do you ever think to yourself, 'Boy, I'm just a bag of hot gas?'" The audience response was loud, raucous and supportive of Dave - Rush turned a shade or two of green)

So, Rush, if you have the stones to come out and debate, I'll debate you. Live, in public, anyone can ask anything. Bullhorns at thirty paces, c'mon Rush - you can do it.

Can't you?

(disclaimer: he may have not been neutered in the real world, but I am only claiming he is unable to father good ideas)


OdinofAzgard said...

Wish I could find that bit on youtube or some other video site. Watching Letterman deflate that bloated buffoon was great. Wish Dave hadn't thrown him a lifeline at the end of it, but maybe Dave's a better human being than me.

stEn said...

Letterman recently commented on Rush's appearance at CPAC, where the black suit, black shiny shirt, no tie look had Dave remarking that Limbaugh looked like a Russian mobster.

I would say he sounded a bit like one as well.