Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raging Cretinous Has-Beens

Here's to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly: we salute you, o idiots of the major media!!! I would add other media luminaries to this list, but I need to keep it manageable. Your consistent, ass-hatted opinions are keeping America safe for the Michigan Militia! Unfortunately, everyone else is going to have to buy a few bullet-proof vests.

First, the "Tea Parties:" I learned from Thom Hartmann last week that the Boston Tea Party was staged, not (as my history textbooks would have it) because the poor, benighted colonists were being overtaxed on something as common and important as tea, but because the British East India Trading Company was not going to be taxed at all for importing tea to the Colonies, thus killing competition between BEITCo and any other tea company.

Kind of like when Wal Mart comes to town and gets a ten-year-long property tax holiday, because they're going to employ a lot of locals (which they will, because all the local business will be going under).

So, once you get past that little semantic difference of opinion, you're then left with a fairly crazy conspiracy theory: Obama is planning on taking away all the guns, nationalizing all the banks (so?), and essentially forming a Muslim States of America. His own statements notwithstanding (about America being a secular state that has religious people living in it - oh, my GOD, I had no IDEA), loonballs like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are running around with their mouths hanging out all over the place, telling "Patriotic Americans" (AKA knuckle-dragging inebriates with too much time and/or too many firearms on their hands) that it's time to think about armed insurrection.

Wow. Wasn't it just yesterday that criticising the President's war plans was tantamount to treason? (that's the last President, by the way, not the current one)

So, if criticising one President's war plans is treason, what do you call telling people to arm themselves and prepare for war against their own government? A friendly argument? An agreement to disagree?

A joke in poor taste?

And thus we have a spate of random shooting sprees. One guy specifically said in his (attempted, as it turned out) suicide note, that if you're going to kill yourself, because the world is becoming a socialist state, take out a few liberals along the way. I'm not saying all the shooting sprees are specifically politically motivated - though when you're broke, laid-off, and desperate, and the wackos tell you that the guy in charge did it, well, then you might think about going after the guy in charge.

Shame that it wasn't the current "guy in charge" that screwed everything up. But, you know, that's just semantics...

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