Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Doing JUST FINE

The Dow is back above 10,000.

Then it isn't.

The economy grew 3.5% in the last quarter.

Until they revise the numbers.

Unemployed people are still unemployed.

Nope, that hasn't changed.

However, consumer confidence has rallied back, thanks to government plans that pay people to buy stuff on credit. Couple thousand for a car, eight thousand for a new house, yay. Cash for Clunkers ended, and the new homebuyer credit is going away, too.

So then there's next month.

Is it my imagination, or does all of this exuberant capitalism smack of dancing while the ship sinks? And you have guys like Jim Cramer, the sideshow clown who is trying to distract you by shouting, louder and louder, "Buy this and sell that!!!"

Health-less debate

It becomes more and more concerning that all of this is occurring while our dear House and Senate can't pass a simple health reform bill, instead trying to pass an ungainly elephant of a bill that may only serve those who make money out of the health inurance industry, and not the poor bastards who are paying our Congresscritters' salaries.

Most favorite son

Obama is trying to be all things to all people and becomes nothing to no one. But he gives great interviews. Where is the Man of Steel Spine that we thought we were getting? Is he a horribly squishy liberal after all?

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Fredges said...

Re: Most Favorite Son
My disappointment with Obama's "limpness" is nothing compared to my concern for his effect on the future. It's possible that every non-white-male presidential candidate from this day on will be cursed with Obama's mistakes and shortcomings. I knew he had a big job ahead of him, I just hope that when he's done he's done enough good for me to point at and say, "Hey, he did a lot of great things!". There's still time, we shall see...