Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slogan-y T-Shirt Arrives!

So, I got the right t-shirt in yesterday's mail (that's Monday the 31st of August). And it says:


So, here's where I get a little confused, or possibly concerned - I know the package is from the DCCC (I did, at least, finally look a the packaging slip). I know what's happening in the real world of politics, and know that there are many things to fight back against. I'm just not sure anyone looking at this t-shirt would have the least clue as to what it's talking about. There are no logos, no indicators of any sort of specific point of view, again, no particular message on this t-shirt, other than fighting some nameless foe. Perhaps this is the t-shirt of Mr. Furious, who's only super-power is his boundless rage.

Perhaps others will believe I'm a fan of, say, the WWF. No, they wouldn't, because THEY WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHO THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. A child of three knows more about selling a slogan than these twits. A Tea Party goon could be wearing this t-shirt and it would have as much meaning. The wrong meaning, of course, but who cares if no one gets the intended message?

Oh, and it's still scratchy as hell.

I'm only wearing this t-shirt when I'm fighting back weeds or termites. I wouldn't want to confuse the sentient. And I'm making my own t-shirt that says:

to asparagus

That will convince someone of the rightness of my cause, I am certain.

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